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CSA Vorst

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The multi-spoke VORST wheel is a real eye catching style that perfectly complements our continually evolving Small to Medium Passenger wheel range. We’ve created a deep lip in the VORST wheel using the profile of the rim face, and by running the spoke out to the rim with some clever machining around the edge, have made the wheel look even bigger for maximum effect.

The detail in the spoke eyelets not only add depth to the character of the wheel, but allow us to multi-drill to ensure we have a fitment to suit you. Available in 15×6″, 16×6.5″, 17×7″ and 18×7.5″ the VORST wheel suits a wide range of Small to Medium Passenger applications, such as Mazda 3 and Mazda 6, VW Golf, Ford Fiesta and Ford Focus, Hyundai Sonata, Honda Euro, Audi A5 and Subaru WRX.

This wheel is load rated at 690kg and multi-drilled in a number of PCD configurations to ensure that every base is covered in terms of fitment and legal specification. The 16×6.5 size is load rated at 690 kg.

It will not be hard to stand out from the crowd with a set of VORST fitted to your vehicle. We are excited about this wheel, and we think you should be too!

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