• Regular Service
  • Premium Service
  • Other Services
Regular Service

• Engine oil and filter replaced
• Check external lights, headlights, indicators, number plate, wiper blades, horn.
• Check the feel of the brake pedal and clutch engagement, adjust if needed.
• Check all drive belts for cracks and wear.
• Inspect spark plugs
• Inspect coolant hoses and heat hoses including fitting for leaks.
• Inspect air filter, clean where possible and replace if neccessary.
• Inspect wheel bearings.
• Wheel rotation and tyre inspection.
• Check all brake pads and discs, adjust drums where required.
• Check all train, CV boots, gearbox oil leaks, diff oil leaks etc.
• Check all suspension components, rubber bushes, ball joints, shocks for leaks etc.
• Check all gearboxes, diffs and transfer cases oil levels, top up where required.
• Inspect all steering components for leaks and wear.
• Check all engine bay fluids, brake, clutch, washer, radiator, power steer.
• Test battery, charging and starting electrical systems.

Premium Service

• Regular Service per the previous tab plus the following:
• Engine oil flush.
• Computerised wheel balance.
• Digital brake fluid test.
• Cooling system pressure and anti-freeze/inhibitor test.
• Fuel conditioner and injector clean.
• Computerised diagnostic scan.

Other Services

• Coolant flush.
• Brake fluid flush.
• Automatic transmission service.
• Brake disc machining.

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